Ogre ’20 – 32nd Regional Session of EYP Latvia

EJP Latvijas 32. reģionālā sesija norisināsies no 19. līdz 22. martam Ogrē. Vairāk informācijas par sesiju atrodama zemāk angļu valodā.

Delegātu pieteikšanās tiks atvērta drīzumā. Vairāk informācijas meklējiet sesijas Facebook lapā:

The most anticipated event of EYP Latvia in 2020 will take place in Ogre.

The modern world has given easy access to a vast amount of information that gives everyone a chance to learn and develop new skills, but the positive aspects are followed by the disruption of development that the large flow of information creates, which is why the session theme is

Breaking the Chains—Invigorating Society.

Public perceptions of what is addictive have changed profoundly and are evident in the youth community, and unhealthy and harmful substances are often advertised and falsely praised as part of a trend or human-friendly routine. The public tends to be misinformed about the causes of addiction and the definition itself. Analyzing and selecting true, vital and objective information about this important topic is our stated goal.

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